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Windows Server Update Services (WSUS), also called Windows Update Services (WUS), is a free add-on for managing patches and updates to the Microsoft Windows XP, Windows Server 2000, and Windows Server 2003 operating systems.

Aimed mainly at small and medium-sized businesses (SMB), WSUS is intermediate between the simpler Windows Update for individual computer users and the more robust Systems Management Server (SMS) for large enterprises.

windows server 2016 dhcp not updating dns-11

Recently, I needed to convert a physical Windows Server 2012 R2 server to a virtual machine (VM).You do not need to be an expert in Windows Power Shell to complete the steps in the guide, however you are required to customize some commands to your environment.Instructions to "type" Windows Power Shell commands provided in this guide can be followed literally by typing the commands, but the preferred method is to copy and paste these commands.Subsequent companion guides contain steps to deploy Windows 10 using the Po C environment.After completing this guide, see the following Windows 10 Po C deployment guides: The Po C deployment guides are intended to provide a demonstration of Windows 10 deployment tools and processes for IT professionals that are not familiar with these tools, and those that are interested in setting up a proof of concept environment.

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