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The internal section displayed a cron job but no module options.None of the OTA grabbers seemed to work, and there wasn’t a module for North America. I started digging around and found that it really isn’t easy to get this running. On the frontend configuration for the Tvheadend client in Open ELEC they even have a section on it: XMLTV is a number of things, such as a format for representing TV listings, but it is mainly a set of tools “to obtain, manipulate, and search TV Listings”.Eye TV supports tvtv.nl, which I have used to fetch program information since late 2004.I have been very happy with tvtv and Elgato's support in 2005, with good technical support and bug fixes in reasonable time.The XMLTV Project lists grabbers for other countries.I first tried tv_grab_upc, but in the end choose tv_grab_nl_py, for which I wrote a few patches and suddenly became "maintainer".This is an exhaustive review after more than 300 hours of use.

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The biggest one: you'll only get a handful of channels, sometimes as few as three, depending on your area.It's a small antenna dongle that snaps onto older 30-pin i Pads, i Phones, and i Pod Touch models, enabling them to access over-the-air digital TV signals -- no Internet access (nor monthly fees) required.It's a cool idea, and it mostly works as advertised.Some of the more recent models also work on i Pads, i Phones and Android phones and tablets.The dongle usually comes with software to install on your computer that communicates with the dongle and displays the TV programmes on screen.

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