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Some of the prices are not always correct in my opinion, but I understand that they are averages and therefore are a good reference point.

This book told me about other organizations that deal with 3D and it is also the book that I used to learn how to free-view 3D pictures.

Celebrity 3D photos were limited to political leaders and important military officers.

For whatever reason, neither Broadway nor Hollywood celebrities seemed to have posed for these pictures.

It covers many aspects of collection from a variety of stereoviews, to tru-vue, to viewmaster and so on.

There are prices listed, as well as tips about how to grade collectibles.

When seen through a viewer, called a Stereoscope, these 2D images sprang to life by blending into one three-dimensional image that was more vivid than life itself.

Carol Johnson, author and former Curator of Photography at the Library of Congress, has provided checklists of Timothy H. Russell, and William Bell’s photographs taken on Clarence King’s Geological Exploration of the Fortieth Parallel (1867-1869, 1872), and Lt. Wheeler’s Explorations West of the One-Hundredth Meridian (1871-1874), as well as a facsimile of the original view list. Both Jeremy Rowe and John Weiler transcribed data from the original manuscript by Powell listing the intended titles for all of the stereoviews.

Thirdly, we are adding lists of stereographs taken on all four of the “Great Surveys” of the American West.

The inaugural rollout of our NSA stereoscopic lists has been a great success. Our rollout also included Russell Norton’s wonderful Michael Burr comic genre stereo researches. John also examined hundreds of original stereoviews but covered all areas. Henry Brown and Bennett & Brown Stereographs of New Mexico Checklists of the Stereographs from the Clarence King and George M.

and International stereo photographers compiled by pioneer researcher Tex Treadwell; complete copies of the first volume of Stereo World; and an index for all Stereo World issues to the present. Rothrock, Underwood & Underwood (Arizona), Carleton E. The third survey is John Wesley Powell’s United States Geographical and Geological Survey of the Rocky Mountain Region (1871-1879) with photographs by Elias Olcott (“E. Jeremy focused on views of Arizona and added information collected from views.

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