Donghae dating

Some Media are trying to contact SM Entertainment, Eunhyuk and Donghae's label, but they said SM only stated "No comments".According to a source close to the pair, eveyone knows how close they are and that this is not te first time the media are looking for something, because there are proofs of the duo being out together.Some would say this is the charm about meeting over the internet.You fall for the personality, not the looks of the person you are speaking to.Rounding out the obligatory love triangle is Choi Jin Hyuk.Good or bad, hopefully there will be plenty of cute to be had. Though if Pandas are being made into a drama, wherefore art thou a Koala?

Phone numbers that provided a clue to their membership in sex book dating race is factor donghae yoona.My name is Blaxckz and I am 19 years old and I am also new here.. I really want to become a sriptwriter and go to Korea to shot some movie...Haha, it's kinda ridiculous but just thinking of it make me exited and happy at the same time..They didn't end the date there, they were seen strolling around while shopping some things.Donghae was the one spotted with some bags and according to shop owners, Eunhyuk payed for everything.

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