Dating the same person twice dating agent 15

According to the Office of National Statistics, a third of all weddings are now second marriages for bride, groom or both – compared with less than one in 10, 60 years ago.

She forgave her husband Jeremy, 57, a senior executive with an advertising agency, after his philandering had led to their divorce, and married him a second time in the hope that he had changed. As Jeremy and I danced at the youth-club disco, The Kinks were singing Waterloo Sunset and The Beatles were chanting Strawberry Fields Forever. I was 17, in the lower sixth at my grammar school in Central London, and he'd just started work as a trainee at an ad agency.

Our Royal family has long been as dysfunctional as its subjects.

From the Wallis Simpson affair to the public unhappiness of the Prince of Wales and Diana, Princess of Wales, romantic upheavals have dogged the House of Windsor and its predecessors.

But here, Sally, who lives in a two-bedroom flat in South-West London and has two daughters, Sasha, 30, and Lily, 28, and two grandchildren, tells JENNY NISBET why she came to bitterly regret that decision. Jeremy was the typical blond-haired, freckle-faced kid next door - very open, polite and easy to get on with - and we were part of the same gang.

We started going out seriously after I invited him to my 21st birthday party and he spent a lot of time at my home.

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