Lauren dating kyle howard

However, on July 1, 2010, reported that Kyle Bornheimer had replaced Kyle Howard as Dave due to uncertainty about whether the actor would be available due to TBS' decision to see how the fourth season of My Boys performed before it was renewed or canceled. After three years together, Howard and Conrad ended their relationship in 2011.It looks like a Hollywood "Hills" ending for Lauren Conrad!The MTV darling confirmed her engagement to former Something Corporate rocker William Tell over the weekend.

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He played the character Dickey in Baby Geniuses in 1999.After playing it coy with the media, the couple all but admitted to being in an exclusive relationship when paparazzi caught the two kissing outside Malibu, after being seen in public together several times.Conrad, who has since moved on from her reality TV days to come forward as an author, fashion designer and beauty entrepreneur, has also been romantically linked to minor league baseball player Doug Reinhart, and fellow reality stars Jason Wahler and Stephen Colletti. If anyone knows to stay busy while coping with a breakup, it's Conrad, who - in addition to multiple blog posts - is squeezing in some outdoor recreation, according to her Twitter account. 2nd day in a row I have almost stepped on a snake while hiking! The couple's split comes just months after denying engagement rumors.Since her teenage days on "Laguna Beach," the quest to find the perfect guy had always thrown Lauren for more than a few loops.Escaping the friend zone with Stephen Colletti proved impossible, dating Jason Wahler cost her tube upon tube of waterproof mascara and Brody Jenner wasn't exactly ready to settle down.

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